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  • Bruce and Kelly:

    We love the music. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken Schmitt:

    Hi Eric. Fantastic site! Everything about your production looks wonderful. When and Where can i experience your lifelong “heart of the Lion” play. And yes, you belong on Broadway.


  • Thea:

    I love this musical! It’s amazing! Could you help me with the lyrics of the “Maybe” duet? Thanks a lot and congratuations!

  • admin:

    I am so sorry it took so long to reply.I have been out of country on a book tour…what do you need for “maybe “?

  • Debbie:

    Eric, I am so happy for you. This has been a long time coming and a dream come true for you. I remember when you were teaching yourself how to play the keyboard. At that time I was so fascinated about your guitar and singing. Adding the keyboard was just that much more entertaining. I always have loved your music! Now look at you!! I am so glad that I met you in Orange County, CA on St. Patrick’s Day with your friend Lance. I was with my friend Lisa. Those were the days. Congratulations on your success!!!

  • Thea:

    I want very much the lyrics or the score of the “Maybe” duet, please! It’s a lovely one! I listened to the world premiere in Pitesti and I really enjoyed this duet! Congratulations! And I hope that you will come in Romania again! Thank you!

  • Matthew Powell:

    Hey Eric,

    I heard you spoke with my mom at the branding iron? Here’s my email address let’s talk about Theatre-Hikes. hope all is well.


  • Chris Hamby:


    I live in Modesto and do shows down @ Playhouse Merced and I was inquiring to see if I could get the sheet music for I find my face in the sun. I am transferring to CSU Fullerton in the fall and would love to have this song in my audition music.


    Chris Hamby

  • Krista M.:

    I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the newest production of this beautiful show! Can’t wait to work with you, Eric!

  • Stephanie R.:

    Hi! I just saw this at Playhouse Merced! I LOVED IT!!! I hope it becomes very well known! I also hope a soundtrack and sheetmusic will be realeased!

  • Lorraine:

    Really love the new production at Playhouse Merced. Saw the first version in 2000 and the concert versions in 2004, 2006, 2008 but this really tells the story well and the character development is much cleaner. Looking forward to seeing the play move up to regional theater and …

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